Immigrant Sisterhood is a participatory research project where young female refugees want to show different aspects of their life. The girls were included in the whole research process: They developed their own research question, made pictures about a topic of concern, told stories about their pictures and their lives and showed them to public with the hope to create awareness about their specific situation. The project is still in progress. More pictures and stories will be uploaded soon….


all pictures © Gemma Lynch

Female refugees belong to a marginalised group of the population whose perspectives and voices are rarely included in the public discourse. The dominant visual representations of female refugees in media depict females of colour only as victims or sex objects. These images contribute to harmful gender stereotypes that often trivialize violence against women and disregards women’s agency, voice, and their resources as survivors, protectors and providers. With this PhotoVoice project the research team wants to focus on the strengths and challenges of female refugees and give a voice to the most marginalized.